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Vanessa Bruno's dream holiday on the Amalfi coast!

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It is at the ritz in paris, that we found vanessa bruno who unveils the strong pieces of next summer in a bohemian chic style with a focus on craftsmanship. interview:vanessa bruno, designerthis next season, for me, was about holidays, italy, the amalfi coast and all the magic they represent with their landscapes, nature, but also the atmosphere of these italian women who wander through cities, through villages, with this bohemian side, a little gipsy jet set, i also want to mention.i wanted something extremely feminine, fluid and i wanted things too that referred a bit to an essential wardrobe that we wanted to wear for summer.i also wanted to celebrate the more artisanal side. that is why i did a lot with macrame, embroidery, but also raffia work that i really like.jewellery is a bit like finding treasure from different pieces that you might find all over the place, when you walk in the street and visit places.it is quite moving for me since i made this collection during the covid period and i believe that with my team, we had a dream to make this girl sublime, to enhance everyday life through this gentleness, this feminine ultra-nonchalance.at the same time, i like the androgynous side. i myself am someone who likes dresses, but also likes to dress in a more androgynous way. it is a mix that ultimately, i find important, to have a more modern and contemporary look.