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Beauty Trends: Are barbers the new beauty temple?

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Beards continue to create a following and remain a strong trend. celebrities don’t hesitate to flaunt theirs and we see them make an appearance on men of all ages. the only difference is that men are taking more and more care of them. from barbers to beauty treatments, from shaving to massages, the different types of well-being are multiplying.from masculine-only places, like private clubs, you find yourself with friends, like bonhomme whose priority is to create a sociable space. beards have invaded streets as well as all professional spheres, appearing to entice more and more men.interview with aurélien bertrand:i think we are truly in the grooming era, gone are the days where dads shave with soap and not cream, as soon as they look tired, they want to use cream, they have important meetings so they want manicures to have clean hands. they try it out, and once they’ve tried it they realise how nice it is, and once they feel this, they want to return and have it done again, afterwards they ask themselves why not try something else.you can come with your friends, have your hair done, play snooker, have a coffee and leave feeling relaxed. it’s truly a men’s club here, it’s really a place for men, which was thought of by a man, for men.we might have beards that will be shorter and we might have some that are more shaped, moustaches. but i think that beards will stay. there have always been beards, but only now are they becoming accepted, even in professional environments. in restaurants, we see waiters with beards, in finance, we see financers with beards, it no longer shocks people, so, i think that some form of beard will stay and i must say, we really are fed up of shaving every morning.