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Zac Posen : collection spring-summer 2017

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Designer : zac posen atmosphere : launched thanks to the support of big top models of whom the most loyal was naomi campbell, today, in his turn, zac posen chose to walk young up and coming models. silhouette : younger, more city even though everything stayed very couture. skorts made an appearance, paired with a white shirt, as well as flared skirts worn with waisted jackets. focus on : the magic of the dresses made with a delicate transaprency. zac posen sprinkles organza with sequins and plays with volumes at the back in a way that reminds us of christian dior. to note : pinafore dresses, simple and chic at the same time. interview with zac posen:feminine, transparencies, floral, she’s cool, she’s pretty… a kind of vibrancy of colour and all the prints are actually either embroidery, texture and technical evolutions of fabrication. i believe that it should be special, when everything is available today, if you’re making designer clothing and you build a business out of it, it really has to be unique, it can’t be following other designers or trends, you have to have your own voice and that takes time, creativity is a life long pursuit. and you have to be focused on that, it’s not about following the waves, it’s about following your own path of creation. music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)