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Dubai celebrates fashion : The second edition of Vogue Fashion Dubaï Experience

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The second edition of the vogue fashion dubaï experience. over 3 days, fashion shows and meetings came together to support a new generation of international designers especially from the middle east. orchestrated by mohamed alabbar, an enigmatic character and founder of the skyline of this futuristic city and by franca sozzani, editor in chief of italian vogue, dubaï is making its mark as a future fashion capital and raises the veil from the emerging designers… 3 days of celebration were brought to a close by a charity gala dinner with an illuminated view of the city and an audience of celebrities. dubaï knows how to put on a show!interviews: mohamed allabar: principally and first of all we want to celebrate fashion which touches every human life, i think we celebrate the retailers who work so hard to innovate and bring something special, i think also very important that you have a huge number of young population in one region and a lot of them are interested in design, in fashion, in trends, and a lot of them want support and guid ance.franca sozzani: creativity is everywhere nowadays, and we need to help them all, they all have the right to be known, 10% of arabs live in dubai, and 90% are foreigners, so now we must be open to everybody.maria grazia chiuri & pierpaolo piccioli: if i think when we were younger it was impossible to be so connected, when we were young, and so it’s a completely different moment, different country, also so far, all connected with fashion.in a way i would say then to be very local to go global, i think that’s important to stay very faithful to your memories, to your roots, otherwise you don’t have anything very to say. peter dundas: it’s extremely important, it’s the future. as a young stylist, even myself, i know that it’s so important to have a support behind us, and to give a little bit of attention because talent is not always enough.karolina kurkova: i always love meeting the new generation of young designers, they have so much passion and so much drive, and such a strong ambition and i think that it’s important that people like myself and everybody else here who comes to see their work. in this way people can come and see and also meet them, which i think is very important.farida kelfa: it’s interesting that the arab world represents the 21 century today, because it’s often represented in a very negative way and we can show at least the beautiful things that interest us. free music : bandit & nikit