Roland Mouret - Women's Collection Spring/Summer 2019 in London (with interview)

Designer: Roland MouretInspiration: Mouret women have always been free and strong. The French designer based in London adds a notion of feminism and the battle for equality to his new collection inspired by the latest movements such as #timesup and #metoo.Collection: Moving and flowing, with open backs, drapes and butterfly sleeves as well as tailored suits and skirts, cut open resembling fringes. Wide trousers and revisited tracksuits are adorned with lace. Coats and long flared skirts are pleated in various different materials. It’s also about eroticism and sensuality, with cut-outs on the chest and a plunging neckline.Note: New skirts buttoned at the front+ the silver touch + the addition of feminist badges made with help from the artist Mehrnoosh Khadivi.Interview Roland Mouret:It’s my technique, it’s overall the work that I have put in for the last 20 years. It’s about taking a patch of fabric and draping it over the body, therefore I think that is my signature look on everyday clothes but at the same time this fluidity gives the idea of women that move, women who are moving forward walking through the wind, who want to fight and pass on a message.We live in a time where we don’t only defend one side, we live in multisituations and it’s true that the concept of the hybrid is very relevant in my job; I always like to mix two situations together.We created badges presenting the voice of women with our friend, Mehrnoosh, who is a feminist artist and this really talks about the identity of women. Music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).

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