Rick Owens: Men's show Autumn/Winter 2018/19 (with interview)

Designer: Rick OwensInspiration: Intense light and music with a remix considered to be ‘techno terror’ for this new collection by the American designer, with as always, a powerful and varied casting of which certain models showed with heads painted entirely white and a tuft of hair on the head. Collection: Long tunics in double thread wool and cashmere, which seem to be distorted, or elsewhere reattached with chains worn on loose denim Bermuda short. Making room for sculpted shearling jumpers, plasticized, that seem to become wispy with hanging fibres or parachute overalls. To note: The coats and capes, sublime, with metallic studs on the collar, and great work on the back, with effects in different materials. + The trainers – new to Rick Owens- and the big soled boots in plastic.Interview from Michele Lamy: When the show starts like this, there’s emotion and it’s that moment when you become aware of things, and I say to myself, damn, that one’s really strong. There’s a level of emotion which was really strong today, as well, because at the moment I think that Rick makes things with a lot of emotion. The casting is incredible, it’s all these delicious monsters that I appreciate a lot, I likes the bare feet in the little trainers which was really light… and the fantastic coats.Music from the show

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